Sleep benefits

Posted on May 17, 2019 at 11:54 am

Sleep-zzzzz. We all know how important sleep is for our physical and psychological health, but how many of us follow the guidance and get good sleep? It is very easy for our sleep duration and quality to reduce as our lives get very busy and full of ‘things to do’. It is also equally easy to get into a good sleep routine majority of the nights and requires a little consistent practice.

Biological benefits of sleep

 Helps cognitive functioning
 Strengthening of memories
 Increases life-span and longevity
 Curbs inflammation due to effect C-reactive protein
 Improvement in blood pressure
 Neuroplasticity
 Ignites creativity
 Positive effects on learning and sharpens attention
 Regulates hormones and helps with healthy weight
 Lowers stress leading to calmness
 Reduces depression and anxiety
The list is endless with a multitude of benefits and all you have to do is nothing.

Some good ideas to help with sleep

 Using your bedroom only for intimacy and sleep
 Following a routine and keeping your body clock fairly consistent. This helps in balancing the sleep hormone, Melatonin
 Going to bed when tired
 Not eating at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime
 Not engaging in any electronic devices at least for an hour before bed time, ideally no devices after 7pm
 Keep the room temperature cool and comfortable
 Exercising in the day to help you get physically tired especially if you are sedentary
 Use essential oils such as lavender to help relax
 Engaging in few abdominal breathing, meditation or yoga nidra prior to sleep. I personally love yoga nidra and helps my overactive thoughts to help me drift off
 You may need short term over the counter preparations or prescription Melatonin if there is chronic sleep difficulties

Good Night!!