Look after your immune system and it will look after you

Posted on June 1, 2020 at 10:23 am

It is a strange, uncertain time we are all living in with the constant fear of COVID-19 and the measures that come with it. I am sure none of us thought we would face something like this in our life time. Although, the stringent measures and infection rates are gradually reducing, the anxieties understandably still remain. Below are some steps you can take to look after your immune system, so it is protected and balanced to fight off any attacks.


The most obvious thing I will say is about healthy eating. It is very important to eat a well balanced diet which has none/minimal processed foods. The focus should be on healthy natural foods with plenty of vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy oils and some fruits. It is also important to give the digestive system a  break so that the body’s resources can be focussed on healing through giving few hours between meals (and just having clear fluids such as water or herbal teas) and/or intermittent fasting. It is important to give at least 3 hours before bed time and your supper.


We have had plenty of time to move and relax with the lock down and it is essential we continue the good practices we have developed. It is great that there have been more online resources and classes, so we don’t have an excuse not to move. It is useful for our body to do a range of exercises in the week which range from conditioning walking, yoga, tai chi etc.), strengthening (weight training) and aerobic activity. It is also important to give the body and muscles a rest.


This is particularly important to reduce the stress, fear, anxiety and bring us into here and now. We don’t need any hi-tech equipment for this. Just sitting with our eye closed for a few minutes each day focussing on our breathing will help us to bring us into the present moment. This will also help us to sleep better, which is essential for optimum functioning of our immune system. This also helps with our emotional health and staying happy/content will boost our health.


There has been a lot of talk about the right supplements to use. Please always consult your practitioner especially if you are on prescription medication. The important supplements indicated are Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Essential Fatty acids. Curcumin, pro-biotics, B-glucans, anti-oxidants have also shown to be useful to help deal with inflammation and fight infection.

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