Cook to Heal

Cooking classes in Northampton run by Dr Kavita Praveen, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Medical Doctor.

We have classes taking place in September, October and November with recipes inspired by Ayurveda and functional medicine.

  • Quick, tasty and healing innovative recipes
  • Spices and other ingredients to target chronic health conditions
  • All recipes are gluten, dairy and preservative free
  • Limited places available
  • £95 for one class or £250 for package of three

The menus we will be following for our ‘Cook to Heal’ cooking classes are as follows:

Menu Day 1

Baked Onion Bhaji, Coriander and Mint Chutney, Vegetable Pulao, Black eyed Bean Dal and Coconut Barfi

Menu Day 2

Lemon Rice, Red Lentil Dal, Cucumber Raita Puffed Foxnuts, Sago Pudding

Menu Day 3

Cauliflower Chickpea curry, Spiced Potato Fries, Quinoa, Carrot Raita, Rice Kheer

All dishes are vegan and gluten free. There will be no preservatives or additives. If there are any other specific dietary issues, please contact me to discuss and I will try to accommodate and make changes as much as possible. Tips of how to get maximum nutrients from the meal will be discussed.

Please get in touch for further enquiries or to book your place on our cooking class in Northampton.



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